Here’s how to use Befrugal to make money while you shop.

BeFrugal is an online-based cash back shopping and coupon website.  Back in 2009, BeFrugal started off as a coupon site; in 2011, they introduced their cashback program; today. it connects online shoppers with the best deals at all the most popular retailers like Amazon, Wal-Mart, Target, eBay, etc….  and even the not so popular, over 5000 retailers in all.

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How does BeFrugal pay you Cash back to shop?

BeFrugal, along with most other cash back sites, has a pretty simple business plan.  This is how it works: BeFrugal earns a commission for bringing in customer online sales, and then shares those commissions with you, the customer,  as cash back.

BeFrugal is totally free to sign up for and use.

Signing up for BeFrugal is super quick and easy.  All you need is a valid e-mail address to get started. Add a password, and you are ready to start saving money! 

You will need to provide more info later in order to receive your cash back, like your name, address and also a phone number (only so they can send you a security code to verify your account.)  

befrugal cashback review: make money while you shop
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After you sign up, you will automatically receive $10 in your BeFrugal account. In order to redeem your $10 bonus, you must earn another $10 in cashback money.  Pretty simple.JOIN BeFrugal NOW and Receive a $10 Bonus

How to earn cash back from Befrugal Shopping:

To start earning cash back, all you need to do is go to BeFrugal.com or download the app on Google play or the Apple app store,then find the retailer you are looking for.  For example, Let’s say you are looking to shop at Kohl’s.

  1. Click on the Search button in the upper right hand corner. 
  2. Enter Kohl’s in the Search box.
  3. Select Kohl’s from the search results. This will bring you to the Kohl’s coupon page.
  4. Check out all the coupons BeFrugal has to offer.
  5. When you are ready to start shopping, click on the green “Shop Now” button.  This will bring you directly to the retailer’s site, in this case Kohls.com.
  6. You can then shop as you normally would, but now you are earning CASH BACK.

When will you get your BeFrugal Cash back?

After your purchase, your cash back will appear as pending in your BeFrugal account until the retailer confirms your order; this usually takes a day or two (but BeFrugal notes that it could take up to 7 days). After the retailer confirms your purchase, it will then show up in the “Verified” section. It will remain here for 30 to 90 days, depending upon the retailer, and usually their return policy.  The reason behind is this is that they don’t want to pay a commission on something you had later returned or canceled. That’s only fair…

After this waiting period, your cash back then goes to the “Payable” section.  At this point you can withdraw it, exchange for gift cards, or just let your cash back keep growing.

Payment Options:

There are several different payment options

  • direct deposit
  • check
  • PayPal
  • e-gift cards

Checks and direct deposit are US only and require a minimum balance of $25.

Is BeFrugal legit?

If you are concerned about if BeFrugal is legit, you will be happy to know that Befrugal has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB).  I can also let you know that I have personally been paid by them.

is BeFrugal reliable?

Yet another reason that BeFrugal stands out is their customer service department.  The customer service team is based in the United States and the website also has live chat.  So any questions you have are answered immediately.

I have actually used their customer service for an order that I had not received cash back for.  The process was super easy. I found the “shopping trip” in question, and filled out a “support ticket”. I had a response the following day, along with the credit in my account.  Amazingly fast.

How to optimize your cash back!

A great way to optimize your cash back is to make sure you are getting the highest cash back rate.  You can do this by checking the cash back rate at other cash back sites. All cash back sites have the same basic business model, BUT, one thing that may differ is the cash back rate at your favorite retailers. I have found BeFrugal ,for the most part, to have some of the best rates compared to other cash back sites.  However, rates do change from time to time and they sometimes run special rates for a limited time in order to drum up some business., so I have found that taking a minute to search other cash back sites can sometimes save you loads of cash.  Always make sure you check the rates of other cash back sites before making a purchase! 

The most important thing to remember when trying to optimize your cash back and save money, is to make sure you stay within your budget.  Don’t buy stuff you don’t need just because it is cheap. You don’t save any money at all buying stuff you don’t need.

Other great cash back sites

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BeFrugal provides some of the highest cash back rates at over 5000 of their retail partners. They are accredited by the Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating.  The sign up process is super easy, and any problems that arise are handled immediately. These are just a few of the reasons to join BeFrugal, The biggest reason being…it will save you money!!!!FREE $10!! Join BeFrugal Now

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