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If you’re new to investing, you might be interested in Stash, it is an investment app that helps you build your own portfolio.

Stash allows you to open an investment account and offers some great features for beginners who want to start investing their money into the stock market but don’t know where to start.

Stash is Best For:

  • Beginner Investors
  • Investors with limited funds

The app asks new account holders a few questions to determine risk tolerance and goals. It gives a list of suggested ETFs, narrowing the options to those that make sense for the user’s financial situation.

ETFs are Exchange Traded Funds. They are made up of multiple stocks, commodities or bonds. It is a more diverse way to invest rather then put your money into one stock.

Join Now and get $5!!

Stash also offers individual stocks of some of the biggest companies like Amazon, Google, Apple, Home Depot, and many many more. One of Stash’s best attributes is it offers fractional shares,(Stash buys the ETFs and stocks, then splits them among its investors) which means that even with just $5, you can own a piece of one of these great company’s that have a much, much higher share price.

You can start investing with as little as $5 with Stash. That low minimum combined with Stash allowing fractional shares, allows you to build a diversified portfolio with very little money.

  • Ability to choose investments 
  • Diverse ETFs
  • First month free
  • The ability to buy fractional shares

A Stash account can be started with a minimum initial deposit of $5. Stash Invest accounts with an average daily balance of over $1 and up to $5,000 are charged  $1/month from the second month(first month free). For accounts over $5,000, a fee of 0.25 percent of the account balance is charged per year. Account maintenance fee is free for electronic statements and trade confirmations. And there are no add-on trading fees or commissions.

I have been investing into my personal investment account for about 10 years now. Now I use Stash to buy into companies like Amazon and Google that are just too expensive for me. Because there are no trading fees, you can buy partial shares weekly, monthly or when ever you have $5 to spare.Click here to Join Stash Now

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